One set of DC-4500 Ground-flow Locator includes signal receiver, electrode, geophones and seismic source. We use two geophones and four electrodes as signal receivers, one DC-4500 Ground-flow Locator as seismoelectric data collector, and Buffalo Gun as seismic source.

DC-4500 has 4 channels to receive data. Channel 1 and 4 are used to connect with 2 geophones(one is placed 15ft away and the other is 60ft away). These two channels are in charge to receive the seismic signals. Channel 2 and 3, connecting with two pairs of electrodes spaced with one meter interval along a line, record the seismoelectric signal.

When a seismic wave generated by seismic source passes through the porous rock, it agitates movements of both the rock frame and the pore fluid, but not at the same rate. Relative movement in turn generates an electric potential signal, which can be detected as a seismoelectric signal. After further data processing and interpretation, we can detect the depth and location of ground-flow and estimate their volume.

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