DC-2500 Ground-flow Locator

DC-4500 Ground-flow Locator

       A seismoelectric recording system consists of seismoelectric signal data pre-adjusters and computer control. A military grade computer is used as the control with built-in GPS. In the general survey, unit obtains both the seismic signals, and the combined seismoelectric signals. The seismoelectric survey monitor receiver is used in a civil engineering groundwater related survey.

DC-4500 Accessories include:
    Seismoelectric Electrode
    Connector, etc.

DC-4800 Ground-flow Locator(Vertical Penetration Depth: 15,000 ft)

Seismic Source

       The nature of generation of the seismic source is critical to the seismic and seismoelectric survey results. The seismic source includes: Sledge Hammer, “Buffalo Gun”, and Weight Drop Seismic Source.

Sledge Hammer

       The sledge hammer is popular for most shallow seismic refraction surveys using a multichannel seismograph, but the range of impact is limited.

"Buffalo Gun"

       The "buffalo gun" has a wider and deeper impact range of acoustic energy and has been used in the field with great success for the seismoelectric method. The main problem with buffalo gun is its loud sound blast, which may restrict its use in populated areas. We have developed a soundless device in the buffalo gun, and it works very well with the same seismic impact using a 12 gauge shot gun cartridge.

Weight Drop Seismic Source

       With some special requirements of our clients, we have also tested a weight drop seismic source (Propelled Energy Generator-40Kg) in our seismoelectric survey. However, the energy of this weight drop seismic source is smaller than using a buffalo gun.