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Sales Agents and Distributors Position 

Seismo Electronic LLC. is an international geophysical service company. We are looking for Sales Representative to develop our business all over the world.

Sales Representative:

Marketing our professional services to existing/potential customers in your area.

1. Company will provide some online training for sales representative to get a knowledge about our service.

2. Company will provide documents of our technology, and service for sales representative; provide technological support for sales representative to introduce our services to current and prospective customers.

3. Sales representative will make presentations to the customers. He will establishes, develops and maintains business relationships with current and prospective customers.

4. Company will support the sales representative to collect information for projects from existing/potential customers, and the technical service group will develop clear and effective written proposals for customers.

5. Company will support sales representative to get contracts with existing and prospective customers.

6. Company will resolve or support sales representative to resolve customer problems and complaints.

Any company or individual who are interested in the ground-flow survey area please sent your resume to: